About Us

Curato is a modern gifting platform, the first of its kind in Bangladesh. We collaborate with local brands and companies to curate visually appealing gift boxes.

Curato is here to disrupt the gifting industry. Our goal is to enhance the art of giving in Bangladesh. To deliver elevated and memorable presents through simple user experience.

Every box is created around a theme, experience, or occasion, with carefully selected products that complement each other. Every gift has a story.
Our pre-packaged boxes are perfect for all occasions – whether it’s personal, professional, or self-gifts.

Contact us for corporate, custom, or bulk orders.


We’ve set out to simplify and elevate the entire process of gifting while keeping the thought and sentiment intact. Our wide range of pre-packaged and customizable gift boxes have been specially created to spread love and joy.


We’re the first of our kind in Bangladesh. We aim to revolutionize the tradition of gifting with our unique pre-packaged gift boxes and bring people closer, one box at a time!

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